Hospitality and catering

Allergens in Hospitality and Catering

Duration: approximately 4 hours self-paced

This course is ideal for all people working in hospitality and catering or wanting to work in the industry as it gives the learner in depth knowledge of allergens and how to control them. Validated by Occupational Awards Ltd.


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What will the course cover?

  • Identify the key features of a food allergy, intolerance and coeliac disease
  • List symptoms of food allergies
  • State the symptoms of anaphylaxis shock
  • Classify the types of food allergies
  • List the fourteen main allergens
  • Summarise allergen identification
  • Recognise the correct labelling of allergens
  • Understand the control of ingredients containing allergens
  • Describe how allergens are managed in a food business
  • Explain how to prevent cross contamination of allergens
  • Outline how to prepare ingredient safely
  • Recognise how to store allergens safely
  • Summarise the importance of cleaning and prevention of cross contamination
  • Explain the importance of allergen training
  • State what is included in allergen training