Food manufacture

Heat Processing

Duration: approximately 5 hours self-paced

Become competent in heat processing understanding processes such as blanching, pasteurisation, sterilisation, evaporation, dehydration, smoking, frying, baking and roasting. Validated by Occupational Awards Ltd.


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What will the course cover?

  • Define the term heat processing
  • State the importance of checking a product core temperature
  • Identify and describe the three types of heat transfer conduction, convection and radiation
  • Explain the process of blanching and its function
  • Describe the process of pasteurisation, its function and time temperature requirements of products
  • Outline the process of sterilisation, its function and they types of sterilisation
  • Recognise the function of evaporation of products and how the process works
  • Explain the process of dehydration, the types of dehydration and why it is performed
  • Outline how products are smoked and why they are smoked
  • Describe how a product is cooked through baking and roasting and the function of baking and roasting
  • Identify the different types of ovens used in baking and roasting
  • Understand what happens to a product when it is fried and why a product is fried
  • Recognise how and why fryer oil quality is monitored
  • State the importance of heat processing training to staff