Food manufacture

Temperature Control

Duration: approximately 5 hours self-paced

Understand the importance of temperature control in food manufacturing to ensure food safety is never compromised. Validated by Occupational Awards Ltd.


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What will the course cover?

  • Recognise the role of temperature control in a HACCP system
  • State the conditions required for pathogenic bacteria to grow
  • Identify the temperature danger zone and the role it plays in the growth of bacteria
  • Define heat processing and understand the legal time and temperature combinations for food safety
  • List the different methods of heat processing
  • Describe how to cool products safely
  • Summarise the temperature requirements of chilled products
  • Explain how to store products in a refrigerator and freezer safety
  • Define the temperature requirements of frozen products
  • Describe the three main methods of freezing and list the different types of freezers
  • Explain what freezer burn is and how to prevent it
  • Identify the main methods to defrost product and explain how to do it safely
  • Recognise how to reheat products safely
  • State the importance of monitoring temperature and list the different monitoring methods
  • Understand how to perform a product core temperature check correctly