Food manufacture


Duration: approximately 4 hours self-paced

Recognise and comprehend the functions of a food manufacturing warehouse, the process requirements and conditions stock is stored and maintained at. Validated by Occupational Awards Ltd.


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What will the course cover?

  • Describe the functions of a warehouse in food manufacturing
  • Identify what preparation is required when receiving items into a warehouse
  • State what PPE is required when working in a warehouse
  • List the different types of handling equipment used in a warehouse
  • Summarise the types of checks which should be performed on items arriving into a warehouse
  • Explain the different quality checks carried out on stock at arrival
  • Recognise what information is recorded on a stock control system
  • List the problems that could occur if stock control systems are not kept up to date with accurate information
  • Describe the temperature conditions chilled and frozen stock should be stored at
  • Summarise the conditions canned and dried products should be stored at
  • Recognise the special requirements for the storage of hazardous or flammable materials
  • Explain why and how stock checks are performed
  • State how to report stock check findings