How long is my certificate valid for?

Once you receive your certificate it is valid forever. It is recommended that you undertake refresher training for certain qualifications such as the food safety certificate every 3 years.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The duration of each course is listed on each course information page.

How long after payment can I begin the course? 

After payment has been received you can start the course immediately.

How can I pay?

We accept payment online with Visa, Mastercard or American Express. If you wish to purchase multiple courses please contact us via info@foodsphere.co.uk.

When will I receive my certificate?

Once the course has been completed and you have passed the multiple-choice test you will receive a printable certificate.

What if I don't have the facilities to print my own certificate?

We would be happy to print your certificate for you and send it to a UK address, there would be a small administration charge of £10. Contact us via info@foodsphere.co.uk if you require this service.

Where can I study the course?

You can log in and out of your course at any time and in any place where you have internet access.

Is there a test for my course?

Once you have completed each lesson there is a short multiple-choice test, you must achieve 50% correct answers to pass the course.

What happens if I fail the test?

If you fail any of the tests you will have further opportunities to take the test again. Resits are included in the course price.

What is the pass mark for the short multiple-choice tests?

The pass mark is 50%.

Is there a discount available if I want to purchase multiple courses?

Yes, please contact us via info@foodsphere.co.uk to access discount packages.

Is my course recognised as good quality?

All the courses are validated by the awarding body Occupational Awards Limited.

Can I use the food safety course to satisfy audits?

Yes, a letter can be obtained from Foodsphere Qualifications Ltd which can be used for audit purposes, contact us via info@foodsphere.co.uk to access this.

Can I change my certificate if there is an error with the spelling of my name?

Yes, please contact us at info@foodsphere.co.uk for more information.

Can I take my time with my course?

Yes, you can log in and out of your course and pick up where you left off, making it easy to manage and can fit around busy lifestyles.

Can I track how far through my course I am?

Yes, a percentage tracker bar will give you a clear picture of how far through the course you are.