Hospitality and catering

Producing Meat Dishes

Duration: approximately 4 hours self-paced

Understand the importance of preparing, cooking, storing and serving meat dishes safely with completion of this course. Validated by Occupational Awards Ltd.


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What will the course cover?

  • List meat quality checks which should be performed
  • Define the checks required on meat deliveries
  • Classify the different cuts of meat
  • Understand the best cooking methods for different cuts of meat
  • Describe how to seal meat
  • State what meats should be roasted and how to roast them correctly
  • Identify what meat should be grilled and how you carry out the grilling method
  • Recognise what meats are used for frying and stir frying and how to carryout frying and stir frying correctly
  • Describe how to carryout stewing and braising and what meats are best cooked using these methods
  • State what meats should be boiled and the correct method to boil them
  • Name different equipment used in various methods of cooking meat
  • Recognise how to take the temperature of meat correctly
  • State methods of keeping meat healthy
  • List common meat accompaniments