Food manufacture

Food manufacture

If you’re involved in the manufacture of food you’ll benefit from a wide range of courses covering topics such as contamination, temperature control and food science to learning about the packing and labelling of food, complaint handling and understanding HACCP.

Control and Monitoring of Operations

Improve your knowledge of controlling and monitoring operations in food manufacture with this course. Validated by Occupational Awards Ltd. 70% […]

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Complaint Handling and Product Withdrawal

Become competent in complaint handling and product withdrawal/ recall in a food manufacture environment by completing this course. Validated by […]

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Building, Equipment, Design and Maintenance

Gain knowledge and understanding of the importance of building, equipment, design and maintenance in a food factory and it’s effects […]

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Personal Hygiene and Protective Clothing

This course is vital for everyone working or has the potential to work in food manufacture. The course describes the […]

Despatch and Transport Department

Improve your knowledge of the despatch and transport department in a food factory, classifying the key roles and actions within […]

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